DERVAL MELLETT INTERVIEW                                                        

How did you find out about PlayTV?
I was contacted by TV3, as were several others about the opportunity to host a new game show for late night. That was in early March. Then, in mid-April, after practising presenting the show, I was told I had the job.

What do you think of the show?
I thought it was fun show. I used to watch those kinds of shows on Sky, they're really entertaining.

Don't you ever feel the game is a bit like a scam?
Well, no. If people want to call it, it's their choice. It's not like they're made to call it.

What do you think about trying to find the 'open-line'? Does it really exist?
Yeah, of course it does. I've seen how most things work behind the scences.

What do you make of the numerous countodown timers and the 'moments'?
Well. I think the countdown timers are used for good reason, to get people to call in and find the open line. And the moments, well, I think we all know it's only a game anyway. But they add to the tense experience of the game.

Just to confirm, where is the show shot?
The show is shot in Budapest in Hungary. Its beautiful there.

What do you make of people who want it taken off the air?
Well, everyone has a right to their own opinion. But, the show provides great entertainment for people so I don't see why it should be taken off the air.

Can you ever get the answers to the seemingly impossible games?
Yeah, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Its the same as everyone else, we're good at certain games and not others.

There have been some games where participants have been told they have the wrong answer when they are right, most frequently the games where you must move the match-sticks. What do you think of this?
It's the producers who decide whether or not the answers are correct, I have no control over it.

Can you take us through the procedure of what happens on set on a typical night?
First of all, I go into the studios at about 11pm*. Once there I have my makeup and what not done. Then, at 11:30 we have a meeting before the show starts. That lasts about 10 minutes. In it we just discuss how the show will go. Then for about 15 minutes we can just hang around, get a cup of coffee or whatever. Then, with about 5 minutes to go until the show starts everyone has to get to their places. Then, the show takes place and I think you know what happens then. Then after the show, we just have a five minute meeting a discuss the show and I go back to my hotel.

Do you see the show staying on air much longer?
Yeah, of course. I don't see anything wrong with it. It's an entertaining show. Theres no reason it should be taken off the air.

The Broadcasting Complaints Commission (BCC) have had several complaints will be reviewing the shows future in September, what are your thoughts on that?
As I said before, I don't see the show going off the air. It's up to the viewer to call in or not.

What is your favourite kind of game on the show?
Emm, I'd have to say the spot the difference games. I love looking for the differences, and if I don't get them I'm always kicking myself for not getting them as they look so simple.

And finally, we know the show has many sound effects, which is your favourite?
Oh. Probably the 'Yee-haa' one, even if it does get a bit annoying after three hours.

*Irish time (GMT+0)

Thanks to Derval Mellett for answering our questions!